#10 Spring Soup

Rogue Studios, 12 March 2014

We got together for a long overdue day, of soup and place-oriented work-in-progress. Chris Paul Daniels presented his R&D residency at Newbridge Projects in Newcastle, which blended concerns about Northern-ness and methods he previously explored in Nairobi, such as ethnographic interviews. Chris showed stop-frame takes of Newcastle’s architecture overlaid with voices, to indicate the difficulty of defining regional identity. Matt Bamber talked about his film research in the hidden spaces of Northern historic buildings such as Chethams’s Library, Bolton Museum’s industrial collection and Wythenshaw Hall. He shoots long, immersive takes through their windows, capturing inner and outer worlds of stasis and sudden movement, such as the differing views from John and Elizabeth’s writing rooms at Gaskell House onto the Ardwick streets. There’s a lovely connection between projections of windows and the film projector as window, harking back to the Markerian photo essay, and further to Lumieres cine-postcards and the cinema of attractions. Mary Stark discussed her recent residency at the former La Escocesa textile factory in Barcelona, along with Hannah Leighton Boyce. She set up a makeshift darkroom in the bathroom and kitchen with household utensils to bleach film, splice fabrics, and contact-print lace and ribbon sourced from Encants flea market. In crafting sculptural, sonic sketches with one-foot pieces of 16mm, Mary’s process celebrates making ‘feminine noise’ in a male-dominated history of film. Mary also showed The Last Yarn exhibited in Salts Mill near Bradford, made in collaboration with Hannah LB.