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Preview: Rogue Cinema



Four weeks of artists moving image, experimental film and performances featuring local and international artists. From archive works to film premieres, 16mm exhibition and live sound scapes, digital experiments and analogue shorts, plus some never-before seen works by independent american film-maker George Kuchar.

All events take place at ROGUE CINEMA – a temporary cinema installation in Rogue Artists’ Studios, Manchester.

More info and to book free tickets:



Supernormal residency

Film Material was delighted to be invited to take up ‘residence’ in the all new Vortex stage at Supernormal Festival, Aug 5th – 7th, 2016, presenting expanded filmic performances, screenings and projections that animated the space throughout the weekend.

Vortex, Supernormal Festival, 2016

We were pleased to feature work by artists Mary Stark, Nick Jordan, Lord Mongo, David Chatton Barker and Sam McLoughlin, plus screenings from Chris Paul Daniels, Clara Casian, Joe Duffy, Dave Griffiths, and a short film programme curated by Nick Jordan (Back Roads to Far Places).

Lord Mongo ‘MERZMONGO’ – a film by Nick Jordan

Kicking off proceedings on the Friday night was Lord Mongo, with The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers, presenting an improvised electronic and vocal performance to the expanded version of Nick Jordan’s film MERZMONGO (2016), originally made for ‘Film is Dead, Long Live Dada’ festival at the ICA. Featuring stream-of-consciousness vocals, Babylonian masks, and one forlorn, masticated, bug-eyed ferret marionette, the stupefying/electrifying Lord Mongo kicked off the residency with wild and deranged abandon.

Lord Mongo & Nick Jordan, with Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers

Performance videos:

Following Lord Mongo, Mary Stark & David Chatton Barker’s 16mm performance encompassed three separate works: ‘Boing’ – springs sourced from abandoned film projectors transform into 16mm photograms with optical sound and live spriinngggg action. Then ‘Solar Spell’ – saluting the sun through fogged and scorched film with optical sound, pre-arranged soundscape and live lens based light play. Finally, ‘Bread’ – a filmic ritual giving thanks to tactile magic and domestic alchemy, the craft of making bread. Premiering at Supernormal, the 16mm performances were made only this year at Film Farm in Ontario, Canada, and were shown at Film Farm as well as at CineCycle in Toronto.


 Mary Stark & David Chatton Barker
On Saturday, following film screenings from Film Material artists Chris Paul Daniels, Clara Casian, and Dave Griffiths, Mary Stark’s ‘Film as Fabric’ performance summoned the obsolete industries through 16mm film projection with optical sound, mechanical noise and sounds associated with the production of cloth. Incorporating audience participation and live stitching into 16mm film stock, the work made great use of the dramatic, triangular Vortex space, with multiple projections and light.


 Mary Stark ‘Film as Fabric’

excerpt from performance:

Following Sunday’s screening of experimental short film programme, Back Roads to Far Places, curated by Nick Jordan, collaborative duo David Chatton Barker and Sam McLoughlin enacted their ‘Cognitive liberation happenings and ritual instruments’ performance. A mysterious, exploratory, alchemical, visual and sonic transformation of everyday objects, rudimentary electronics, instruments and natural elements.



In partnership with BEEF (Bristol Experimental Expanded Film), Mary Stark concluded the weekend festival residency with ‘Your Cup of Tea’,  a 16mm film with original soundtrack, plus live sound including a whistling kettle and clattering tea cups, and of course freshly brewed cups of tea, served to the audience in BEEF’s Cephalopod space, located in the Supernormal woods…


Mary Stark, ‘Your Cup of Tea’ (photo courtesy BEEF)


Back Roads to Far Places

Rogue Cinema, Rogue Artist Studios, 8pm, Saturday 17 September 2016. Further details at

Film Material presents Back Roads To Far Places
A programme of experimental short films selected by artist Nick Jordan, featuring work by Jaimz & Karen Asmundson; Ulu Braun; Mark Chapman; Jamille Fortunato; Juliane Jaschnow & Stefanie Schroeder; Mischa Leinkauf, Lutz Henke & Matthias Wermke.

Rooted in a documentary approach, the programme features an eclectic selection films that have screened recently at major international film festivals, such as Berlinale, Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Clermont-Ferrand and Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival. The films range from an esoteric, collaged, architectural fable; a strident protest against tree planting; a subjective roam through the post-industrial former East German landscape; a mystifying intervention on the Brooklyn Bridge; the hidden, inner world of a homeless hostel; and a child’s imaginary film and make-believe games, played-out in the backyards of an indigenous Brazilian village. The programme is titled after Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s single long poem of inter-connected verses and drawings.

Programme (1hr 15mins):

Citizens Against Basswood, Jaimz & Karen Asmundson; [ˈdʊŋkl̩ˌdɔɪ̯ʧlant], Juliane Jaschnow & Stefanie Schroeder; Symbolic Threats, Mischa Leinkauf, Lutz Henke & Matthias Werke; Architektura, Ulu Braun; Camrex, Mark Chapman;The Mulberry Mountain Range II,  Jamille Fortunato

The programme previously screened throughout the weekend of Aug 5 to 7, Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire, UK.


artist Nick Jordan

Artist Nick Jordan

Preview: Supernormal

Artists from Film Material will be ‘in residence’ in the all new Vortex space at Supernormal Festival, Aug 5th – 7th, 2016, presenting expanded filmic performances, screenings and projections to animate the space throughout the weekend. Featuring work by artists David Chatton Barker, Mary Stark, Nick Jordan, Lord Mongo, Chris Paul Daniels, Clara Casian, Joe Duffy, Dave Griffiths, Sam McLoughlin. Performances, 8pm each day:

Friday Aug 5th:


A live performance by Nick Jordan & Lord Mongo with The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers. An improvised electronic and vocal score to the expanded version of their film MERZMONGO (2016); originally made for ‘Film is Dead, Long Live Dada’ festival at the ICA. play video: MERZMONGO

Toots & Purrs: 16mm Solar Spell
Saluting the sun through fogged, scorched and solarised 16mm film with optical sound and live lens interventions.

Saturday Aug 6th:


David Chatton Barker & Sam McLoughlin: Cognitive liberation happenings and ritual instruments.

Sunday Aug 7th:


Mary Stark: Film as Fabric. A film performance with optical sound summoning obsolete industries through 16mm film projection, shadow play, mechanical noise and sounds associated with the production of cloth.


SUPERNORMAL is a three-day, experimental arts and music festival taking place at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire. It offers a platform for artists, performers and musicians to work collaboratively and creatively for a new kind of audience seeking experiences out of the mainstream. It is determinedly small and intimate with an audience of 1,500 and has been born from a place that values the currency of ideas and imagination rather than commercialism and profit.