#3 Rogue Studio

#3 was a busy session. Sam Meech showed found-footage experiments with a key scene from Cinema Paradisowhere the protagonist becomes emotional at a screening of spliced and scratched film clips. Sam deliberately re-compressed these clips with the wrong codec so that they glitched and stuttered – exploring outmoded technology in digital and analogue viewing. We saw highlights of Chris Paul Daniels video & super 8 visuals in Groningen which mixed Scandinavian landscapes & Nordic painting to a live improvised soundtrack. Chris also screened a black metal-soundtracked super 8 delight shot in Iceland & Sweden. A very well-travelled fellow. Jo Byrne visited from OKO in Leeds to show her performative film Screen Kiss and Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise, Conceal that combines the repetitive ritual of cosmetics with hands-on fetishisation of celluloid media. We also saw documentation of The Plaza Principle, an expanded film installation at an abandoned TKMaxx, plus a project for PSL using found footage of Leeds’ 1978 Olympic bid. Mary Stark showed pics of her December trip to Mono No Aware in Brooklyn, featuring amazing sculptural and expanded filmworks. Mary also previewed her dark-room tests of B&W neg strips, which apply the language and tools of tailoring to hand-made film practice.

Lunch was a warming slow-roast squash, garlic and sweet potato soup. In the afternoon Ben Gwilliam screened a 16mm photogram negative from his recent Blankspace show. Intended as a sound-producing drawing, the visuals bled into the optical track to reflect the acoustic environment and characteristics of the exhibition site. We were also treated to Oxide, produced during his at no.w.here residency, where Ben experimented with iron rust on film stock as a method of “growing sound on film”.  Emma Hardaker screened her hand-processed super 8 expressing her relationship with her own blood condition, featuring some aleatory solarisation effects. Amy Lawrence presented experiments with splicing and respooling VHS tape. Also at the day were Dave Griffiths, Joe Duffy, Veronica Ibarra and Clara Casian.


#2 Rogue Studio

Clara Casian showed video of her ‘shadowcasting’ performance – where the camera followed her navigation and chalk mapping of light shifting at Piccadilly Place during the timeframe of radio shipping forecasts. Dave Griffiths explained the background to Babel Fiche, his recent film combining crowd-sourced video with animation using microfilm. Mary Stark presented Four feature films woven together, a recent example of her practice exploring the shared materiality and language of textiles and film.

The days lunch was delicious spicy parsnip and potato soup cooked by Joe Duffy.  Veronica Ibarra showed 16mm films Anatidae and Anemona plus photographs, observing the uncanny in natural objects and patterns in rural Spain. She also talked about plans to offer 16mm film workshops in Manchester. Jenny Baines discussed her tests for several performative 16mm films, which continue her inquiry into repetition, gesture, failure and the frame. Sam Meech couldn’t be with us, so Chris Paul Daniels presented Sam’s current Small Cinema residency in Moston, north Manchester, where he’s building a community screen in an old miner’s social club. Chris also showed his own recent commission in Ambleside, combining Armitt Museum’s archive of Victorian glass portraits with voices from close-knit Lakeland families. Joe Duffy discussed his recent film that animated a journey around squatter camps in Jakarta using GPS drawing and voice recordings. Also at the day were James Jam CookClaire Thomas and Fran Blythe.

#1 Rogue Studios

At the first meeting Jenny Baines  presented her absurdist Beckettian performance struggles shot in 16mm. Chris Paul Daniels showed  an excerpt from Unravel, a hand-marked film made by members of the public drawing on 16mm clear leader. Joe Duffy  gave an overview of his GPS experiments.  Dave Griffiths talked about his series of cue-dot filmworks using modified toys and hand-made 35mm film. Mary Stark gave an introduction to her woven film sculptures, and Claire Thomas presented her darkroom experiments exposing an archive of buttons onto E6.  Also attending were Clara Casian, Emma Hardaker, Amy Lawrence and Kate Murphy. Carrot and coriander soup with bagels was served at lunchtime.  Nom!


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