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#14 Mary Stark

Third Floor Studio & Project Space, Chapeltown Street, 26 February 2015

Site-specific film performance by Mary Stark exploring voice, optical sound and industrial noise, featuring works made during her September 2014 residency at the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. Since 2012 Mary has worked with the filmmaking technology of optical sound, deriving ‘voices’ from fabric, lace and thread. Optical sound involves visual forms in the soundtrack area of the filmstrip translating into sound through film projection. This performance develops these explorations by engaging with the industrial heritage of Manchester in an atmospheric location, summoning absent voices, obsolete machinery and ghosts of industries past. Works involve live performance, 16mm film projection, sculptural light and shadow play, voice, industrial noise and music associated with the textile industry.  

Images © Ralph Pritchard, John Lynch & Mary Stark.